The Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative inspires us to look at ourselves and our planet, from a different perspective. 

Recognising that all life is interconnected, helps us see that everything we do to the planet affects us, and our health. Equally, the way we treat ourselves and each other and all other species, ultimately also impacts the wider health of our planet.

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Why should local government play a leading role in Planetary Health?

Local Government is the level of government closest to the people and manages land across the world. It is in the best position to work with community to consider all matters that influence the health of a City.

Planetary Health requires us to understand all connections and interconnections and by working with our community, we can provide insight on this, in a unique setting at this extraordinary time.  

We can Think Locally and Act Globally.

Find out how we are collaborating across sectors to pioneer systemic change and help reduce the risk of future disasters as we restore the health of the planet...

What is the Planetary Health Initiative's role in disaster risk reduction?

Blue Mountains city Council Mayor Mark Greenhill and Senior Program Lead for the Planetary Health Local Action Plan, Lis Bastian were interviewed by the ABC about Council’s Planetary Health Initiative and its role in disaster risk reduction. Listen to the conversation here.